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  • Machines and Lines for Spunbond, meltblown nonwovens, and fiber production lines


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FARE S.p.A., is 50+ year old company specialized in designing and manufacturing plants to produce synthetic fibers based on extrusion of a variety of polymers. Having more than 500 installations worldwide, they not only offer the complete lines but turnkey solutions to customers requirements , with operational training, after-sales with technological and innovative developments to the lines, spares and remote assistance by Human Machine Interface (HMI)..

The modern automation and continuous endure of fueling fibers innovation ensures best quality, maximum flexibility and sustainability of FARE Lines.

The vide range of their production lines are:
The Fibers are classified : Fine denier: typically, from 1,5 to 3 denier and web weight ranging from 8 to 150 gsm Coarse denier: typically, from 4 to 15 denier and web weight ranging from 20 to 1000 gsm

MELTBLOWN LINE : Stand alone: from 1 beam (M) to 2 beams (MM) or Composite Line in combination with spun bond from 3 beams (SMS) up to 6 beams (SSMMMS). Typical working widths are from 1.6 up to 3.2 mtrs. The web weight ranges from 10 up to 500 gsm and throughputs up to 100 kg/hr. per mtr. The polymers used are PP, PE, PET,R-PET re-granulated chips, bottles and/or container flakes and also PLA granules

FARE also offer Two Step Process –Spinning and drawing line for high production capacity up to 300 PTD and up to 300dtex fiber for special fibers like low melting PET and CoPET.

DRYERLESS PET TECHNOLOGY : The process is without drying, with an integrated filtration unit advised to optimize the production costs without affecting process flexibility..

This enables to process either PET flakes or PET granules of viscosity and bulk density variation, pollutants. Process overcomes formation of dust. Reduced electric power consumption and space reduction and other unique advantages.

STAPLE FIBERS LINES : for mono and bicomponent fibers, for Uncoloured and mass-coloured staple fibers with quick colour change possibility. Wide range of production capacities and range of materials -- PP, PE, PET,R-PET re-granulated chips, bottles and/or container flakes and also PLA granules.

FARE offers lines with- One step process : Spinning operation and the subsequent drawing in a one step process. For fibers of 1 to 300 dtex and production capacity from 10 to 100 tons per day. Ideal solution to process recycled polyester as re-granulated chips or directly as R-PET flakes (bottle flakes)

Two step process : for High-speed production -20 to 300 PTD and for special fibers, coloured and uncoloured with extremely short colour changes, in count range 1 to 300 dtex. spinning operation and the subsequent drawing in a two-step process. It is the traditional solution in case Cotton type fibers for textile yarns. Recommended for special fibers like low melting PET/CoPET fibers . Direct spinning from the molten polymer availability.

For more details, please visit their website:( www.farespa.com)