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  • LACOM GmbH, Germany are the renowned worldwide for manufacturers of
    "Hotmelt" Laminating and Coating Machines.


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LACOM GmbH, Germany are the renowned name worldwide for excellent "Hotmelt" Laminating and Coating Machines, manufactured by their parent company KIENER Machinenbau GmbH, Lauchheim, Germany. LACOM have supplied worldwide close to 300 machines.

LACOM configure, design, supply and provide services to the entire range of Coating and Laminating machines for all kind substrates available in roll form i.e. all kind of textiles, self-adhesive products, flexible substrates, woven & knitted fabrics, nonwovens, membranes, foam, films paper and foil. The tailor-made machine systems are offering the maximum out of flexibility, quality and efficiency. This technology guarantees perfect results which fulfill all technical and commercial needs.

The machines can be equipped with 3 different roller application systems for hotmelts: Multi-Purpose, Multi Roller, Gravure Roller Besides these standard application processes, Slot Dies and Spray Systems can be integrated in the machine frames.

LACOM also offer very economic Microroller systems for coating formats and rolled goods.

In Roller system, LACOM offers Compact, Evolution, Continuous lines and also Pilot machine- with 500 mm and commercial machines up to 5200 mm.

LACOM “Multipurpose” Laminating and Coating Machine (MPBL) 1000 /1800/2100/2400 (maximum Working Width in mm i.e. finished product width) CV (Compact Version - i.e. Unwinders and Winder within Frame Structure) is most Economical and preferred machine. LACOM also supply machines with special executions and range of peripheral equipment such as Drum Melters, Extruders Oil Heating unit, Water Cooling unit, Corona Pre-treatment unit.

The “Multi-Purpose” Coating and Laminating Machine is designed for easy and fast change over between two different application systems.

  • Multi roller (Plain) Roller System - full cover and O.C.S.
  •  Gravure roller system – with positive blade position AND with negative blade position. This makes the most flexible and most versatile

The other key features of LACOM machine are - A pendulum tension control system useful for delicate /difficult materials and the use of servo drive motors for precise speed synchronization of the peripheral line components.

The Dialogue panel for the input data and parameter settings is smart and intelligent. It does not accept any absurd inputs or wrong parameters. If entered, displays it on the screen. This prohibits machine to work at incorrect inputs. It also stores set data with code to re-produce the product without any hassles. 999 such codes can be stored in dialogue panel

All Lacom machines are designed and manufactured acc. to the latest CE regulations of the European Union and are following the latest safety regulations.

In LACOM "Hotmelt" Machines, only the coating/bonding material is heated and not the substrates. So, there is no thermal effect to any of the materials and so no shrinkage, no change of colour of substrates .The coating material/bonding materials possible to use of LACOM machines are-- Thermoplastics such as EVA, PP, PO, Co-PET, Co-PA, certain grade of TPU and Pressure Sensitive Adesives (PSA) and also the 2 existing Reactive Adhesives -- PUR (Polyurethane ) and POR (Polyolefin).

As there is no water or solvent involved in the process, there is no need of DRYER/S. The advantages of highly controlled application weight, limited space requirement, minimum workforce and its minimum intervention. This enables highest quality product with great ease, most economical way and vast range of products of --clothtech, hometech, protech, sporttech, medtech, packtech, indutech and other field of applications.

For more details, please visit their website:( www.lacom-online.de)