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  • Specialist in machines for Nonwoven Bonding, Heat treatment, Thermofix Technology and Process Technology


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German engineering since 1986; With pride and an awareness of responsibility, we can say that SCHOTT & MEISSNER is the global leader in manufacturing heat treatment and nonwoven bonding production lines. Their know-how, innovative strength and “German engineering” is in demand and prized on all continents.

As experienced specialists in special-purpose engineering company offer exclusively customer-specific solutions. Located in Blaufelden , since 1986, quality and reliability are values that they live and which are therefore naturally incorporated in their products .

Schott & Meissner offer specialized solutions and equipments your your need relating to Nonwoven bonding, Heat treatment, Thermofix technology and Process technology. The Product range includes Heat Recovery System, Double Belt Air-Through Oven, Double Belt Oven with Dould Hot Air Impingement, Oven with either Air Through or Air Impingement Ventilation Mode, Air-Through Drum Dryer, Single Belt Air-Through Oven, Single Belt Air-Through Oven with Air Impingement Ventilation, 3 -Pass Dryer/Spray Bonding Line, “-Bond” Infrared Channel, HT Steam Oven, Pre-Heating Oven, Cylinder Dryer, “Thermofix ”Double Belt Presses, Flatbed Laminator, Cooling calendars Heating calendars, Longitudinal and Cross Cutters, accumulators, Winders and Palletisers.

Highly motivated and committed team from Project Planning and Technology Centre at Schott & Meissner will extend complete guidance and support for successful and satisfactory trails and working of their equipment at your premises.

For more details, please visit their website: ( www.schott-meissner.de )