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  • Lines for textile Hard Waste Recycling, Airlay Nonwovens, and Cotton Waste Cleaning.


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margasa Proyectos e Ingeniería Textil S.L., -Spain,manufacturer and supplier of turnkey installations of Textile Recycling Lines, training and after sales support for 35+ years. Rich experience, versatility and reliable experience in these fields has enabled margasa to supply the machines of state of art technology to customers in more than 30 countries Their manufacturing lines include-

  • Preparation and cutting systems,
  • Storage and feeding systems
  • Fiber packing systems
  • Filtering systems
  • Peripheral equipment for the tearing line.
  • Tearing systems

margasa manufacture tearing lines for 3 different production capacities of fibres for Open End or DREFF yarn spinning -Type MR 1000 for 200-250 Kgs/Hr, Type COMPAK 1500 for 500-600 Kgs/ hr. and MASTER 1500 for 900- 1000 kgs/hr. These lines produce double capacity of fibre used in nonwovens, depending type of textile waste. For superior quality, margasa recommend and offer an especial Carding unit installed after the rag tearing lines.

margasa also manufacture complete lines for “Airlay Nonwovens” up to 3 mtrs width and to produce felts from 350 g/m2 to 3,500g/m2 with mechanical bonding ( needle punching) blended fibers ( thermobonding ) or “resin” ( chemical bonding). The end application being in building, automotive, mattress, insulation etc..

Further they also manufacture Cotton Waste Cleaning Lines ”CLEANPACK” for input capacity up to 1000 kgs/ hr.

For more details, please visit their website: www.margasa.com