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  • Mariplast Spa, Italy: All type of Yarn Carriers for spun and filament yarns including
    dye tubes for filament/long fibre yarns. Mariplast S.p.a., Italy



Mariplast Spa, Italy: All type of Yarn Carriers for spun and filament yarns including dye tubes for filament/long fiber yarns.

Mariplast S.p.a., Italy an internationally renowned manufacturers for more than 50 years specialized in various yarn carriers including Re-useable Dye Tubes. Their product range exceeds more than 1.000 items, some of these are patented, for every stage of yarn production – spinning preparatory, spinning, twisting, winding and package dyeing

Expendable (one time use) perforated cones in different conicity for yarn export, ready cone package for dyeing Expendable axially compressible dye springs and rigid tubes for yarn exports – ready cheese package for dyeing Re-useable (multiple use), perforated cones and Non-perforated Cones – both in cut nose, bull nose.

Cylindrical tubes for in-house dyeing of yarns Axially compressible or radically shrinkable cylindrical tubes specially for shrinkable/synthetic yarns Both axially compressible and radially shrinkable cylindrical tubes for Spun or Filament yarns Ring Frame Bobbins, Roving bobbins, Rubbing bobbins, end caps for dye spindle, etc.

Mariplast Roving Bobbins with patented Taper replacement system Mariplast bobbin holders under the historical brand Sampre with patented items

#Mariplast manufacture these yarn carriers of different material compositions such as Polypropylene (PP), PP + Glass Fiber and Polycarbonate materials and of different conicity, dimensions, different weights.
#These yarn carriers are available in a wide range of (24 different) colours for easy identification of yarns/counts. Special colors can be supplied in case of specific requirements.

Mariplast re-usable dye tubes are preferred choice in India. Mariplast offer Dye Tubes suitable for almost all the dyeing machines and winding machines. The Dye Tubes are of Polypropylene (PP) or with blend of PP + Glass Fiber (FC). The Glass Fiber content can be up to 50% depending on fiber of yarn and dyeing temperature. For e.g., FC4 means 40% Glass Fibre. Dye tubes of this composition are most commonly used for dyeing of cotton, spun polyester and blended yarns as it withstands dyeing temperature up to 135 0 Celsius.

For more details, please visit Mariplast website: ( www.mariplast.com)